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CADRE 2022 Award Recipients

CADRE 2022 Symposium

The Coalition for Advancing Digital Research and Education (CADRE) will be hosting a monthly symposium series that will replace the CADRE Conference for 2022.  The symposia will feature OSU researchers and highlight digital research topics of interest to the OSU research community.


Researchers are being encouraged to make their data open and their research processes transparent.  Funding agencies expect PI’s to make data available in public repositories where possible in order to advance scientific processes more quickly and ensure that funded research is well used.  There is evidence that advances in knowledge about COVID-19 treatment were accelerated by open sharing of data and fast access to preprints.  But adoption of open science/research practices is not universally applauded.  What concerns and issues stand in the way of rapid progress towards truly open science?  This symposium will discuss advantages of open science and hold a panel discussion about the ways that open science creates both benefits and challenges for researchers.

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