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CADRE 2022 Symposium Program


Wednesday, January 26th | Real World Open Science 

Wednesday, February 23rd | Using Data for Social and Business Impact | Register Here

Wednesday, March 23rd

Wednesday, February 23rd | Using Data for Social and Business Impact

Using Data for Social and Business Impact

Spears School of Business recognizes that business schools are change makers for students, businesses and society. Data and statistics are important when it comes to establishing successful businesses. Researchers within Spears Business are using big data and data analytics to not only address business challenges, but to put that research to use for the greater good. During this symposium, Spears Business faculty will present on how they are using digital research to create impact on business and society.  Using social media sites and online web advertising, researchers are gathering data tha can shape everything from foodservice operations to human trafficking patterns. The new Spears Center for Social and Business Impact is intentionally focusing on how more of this research can be done to have a positive impact on Oklahoma and the surrounding region.

Keeping the World Safe Though Extreme Scale Data Management


Gary Grider


Questions and Answers


Panelists include:

Miriam McGaugh, PhD | School of Marketing & International Business – Understanding Patterns of Human Trafficking

Willie Tao, PhD | School of Hospitality & Tourism – Using Big Data in the Foodservice Context

Rebecca Eastham, PhD | Director, Spears Center for Social and Business Impact

Wednesday, January 26th | Real World Open Science 

Real World Open Science

Researchers are being encouraged to make their data open and their research processes transparent. Funding agencies expect PI’s to make data available in public repositories where possible in order to advance scientific processes more quickly and ensure that funded research is well used.  There is evidence that advances in knowledge about COVID-19 treatment were accelerated by open sharing of data and fast access to preprints. But adoption of open science/research practices is not universally applauded.  What concerns and issues stand in the way of rapid progress towards truly open science? This symposium will discuss advantages of open science and hold a panel discussion about the ways that open science creates both benefits and challenges for researchers. 

Introduction of Speakers and Topics


Kay Bjornen


Research Sharing Drivers and Inhibitors


Clarke Iakovakis


Making Open Science Work with FAIR Data


Kay Bjornen


Open Science from a Researchers Perspective


Kara Moore


Data Security and Open Science


Daisha Pennie | Aaron Smith


Questions and Answers


Panelists include:

Kara Moore, PhD | Assistant Professor, Psychology

Daisha Pennie | Manager, IT Risk Management

Clarke Iakovakis | Scholarly Services Librarian

Aaron Smith | Interim Director, IT Security

Kay Bjornen, PhD | Research Data Initiatives Librarian

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