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Planning Committee


Kay Bjornen : Committee Chair

Kay K. Bjornen, Ph.D. is the Research Data Initiatives Librarian and Assistant Professor at the Oklahoma State University (OSU) Library, where she teaches and consults on data management and literacy. She is co-coordinator of the OSU Carpentries organization and a certified Carpentries instructor.  She began her career as an analytical chemist and her interest in data and information began during her years as a corporate research manager when she had responsibility for organization and maintenance of research and technical records.


Phil Alderman






Phillip D. Alderman is an Assistant Professor in the Plant and Soil Science Department at Oklahoma State University. Dr. Alderman seeks to leverage highly collaborative, transdisciplinary research to support sustainable and resilient farming systems in Oklahoma, the southern Great Plains and around the world. His approach to research fits within what the National Science Foundation has recently termed "convergence research." Specifically, his program is positioned at the interface between computational modeling, Bayesian analysis, high performance computing, plant breeding/genomics, and crop ecophysiology in the context of agriculture. In particular, he investigates the interactions between weather/climate, soil, crop genetics, and management on the current and future sustainability and resilience of agricultural systems.

Nicole Colston

Nicole Colston is Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Natural Resources and Ecology Management (NREM) at Oklahoma State University.  She works through the Oklahoma Water Resource Center on public outreach related to drought and climate resilience. As a network scholar, her research agenda focuses on the players and pathways that support environmental education and diverse participation in STEM learning. She is interested in the role of open data and data education as they relate to citizen and community science, culturally responsive teaching, and climate change education.




Clarke Iakovakis


Clarke Iakovakis is the Scholarly Services Librarian at Oklahoma State University. He provides support to the OSU community in copyright, publishing, open access, and researcher profiles, and is liaison to the History and Political Science departments. He has been a Certified Carpentries Instructor since 2019 and is a Maintainer on the Library Carpentry R Lesson.

Patrice-Andre "Max" Prud’homme

Patrice-Andre "Max" Prud’homme, PhD, is the Director of Digital Curation at the Oklahoma State University Library. He provides leadership and management in the areas of digital preservation, curation and discovery of digital resources. He manages the processing of digital materials and their associated metadata and experiments with machine learning to increase the visibility and relevance of digital collections for research and education.


Nick Stevens


Nick Stevens is the System Administrator for the University Research Compliance Office at Oklahoma State University. He supports various research applications such as the URC Assistant, Chemical Safety Assistant, IRBManager, and other applications. Additionally, he supports research endeavors and works to assist those needing elevated data security.

Dawn Underwood

Dr. Dawn Underwood is the Assistant Vice President for Research Compliance at Oklahoma State University. Her work in research administration spans nearly two decades overseeing sponsored programs, grants and compliance programs. Underwood served as the Assistant Vice President for Research at Chapman University in Orange, Calif. Prior to that, she served as the Associate Dean for Sponsored Programs in the College of Graduate and Professional Studies at Indiana State University.


Underwood earned her Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from Indiana State University. She attended Ball State University in Indiana where she earned master’s and bachelor’s degrees. In 2017, Underwood was granted a fellowship award from the National Council for University Research Administration to travel to Hungary and learn about grants and compliance in the EU. She is a member of the Association for Research Integrity Officers as well as the National Council of University Research Administrators. 



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