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Multi-Branching Temporal Convolutional Network for Sepsis Prediction

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Sepsis is among the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in modern intensive care units. Accurate sepsis prediction is of critical importance to save lives and reduce medical costs. The rapid advancements in sensing and information technology facilitate the effective monitoring of patients’ health conditions, generating a wealth of medical data, and provide an unprecedented opportunity for data-driven diagnosis of sepsis. However, real-world medical data are often complexly structured with a high level of uncertainty (e.g., missing values, imbalanced data). Realizing the full data potential depends on developing effective analytical models. In this paper, we propose a novel predictive framework with Multi-Branching Temporal Convolutional Network (MB-TCN) to model the complexly structured medical data for robust prediction of sepsis. The MB-TCN framework not only efficiently handles the missing value and imbalanced data issues but also effectively captures the temporal pattern and heterogeneous variable interactions. We evaluate the performance of the proposed MB-TCN in predicting sepsis using real-world medical data from PhysioNet/Computing in Cardiology Challenge 2019. Experimental results show that MB-TCN outperforms existing deep learning methods.



Zekai Wang








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