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CADRE 2020 Conference

Building Data and Digital Competencies for the Future

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Topic Speaker
Advanced Analytics and Computational Frameworks for Banking & Risk Management - Journey & Lessons Learned Swaroop Yalla
Teaching basic data and software competencies to graduate students Toni Hoberecht | Krista Kezbers
Building a workforce for a FAIR biomedical data ecosystem Jessica Mazerik, Ph.D.
Reducing Ecological Footprint: Examining Panel Data


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Jordan Humes | Neil Belford | Manasi Murde | Bruce Rehburg
Hate Speech Classification of social media posts using Text Analysis and Machine Learning


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Venkateshwarlu Konduri | Sarada Padathula | Asish Pamu | Sravani Sigadam
Building Your Online Research Profile Clarke Iakovakis

Analyzing the Factors Impacting Suicidal Behavior in American Youth


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Ashlesha Sampathi | Mounica Mandapati | Venkat Reddy | Nitesh Maruthi

A comprehensive study of mobility related function in clinical notes


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Thanh Thieu

Did it Work? Strategies for Assessing a Digital Education Program


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Clarke Iakovakis | David J. Lampert, PhD, PE | Patrice-Andre Prud'homme | Phillip Doehle

Identifying and disseminating scholarly activity using a campus-wide research information management system


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Jon Goodell | Scott Murray
Impacting the Community with Girls Who Code Josue de Paz
Introducing Data Analysis with Pipetters Nathan Malmberg
How Data Shapes Our Response to Crises Garrett Sauls
Leveraging Carpentries To Build a Community of Instruction Mark Laufersweiler
OURRstore: The OU & Regional Research Store Henry Neeman
Undergraduates in Technology Based Internships Claire Ringer









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